In brief

“The dependence on oil will not disappear
if the only things changing are its applications,” says Mika Anttonen, owner of the Finnish energy
company St1.

Bioeconomy at a crossroads

While the new applications of energy production are evolving, the current level of innovation and product development are not sufficient for breaking away from oil.

The Wb system developed by PintaWorks is employed in the quality control of the various production
stages of liquid packaging board: in the manufacture of base board, the coating process and during printing.

Smooth surfaces

The Finnish start-up company PintaWorks manufactures camera-based inline quality control systems for the paper and printing industries.

The first LignoBoost plant was started up at Domtar’s pulp mill in Plymouth in 2013.

Lignin goes further than energy

Traditionally, lignin – the substance that binds wood fibres – has been incinerated along with black liquor in a pulp mill’s soda recovery boiler. The result has been steam and heat for energy use. The exploitation of lignin is nevertheless expanding, since a new technology is also opening doors for its use in bioeconomy applications.

Stora Enso Varkaus, kartonkirulla

The third life of a paper machine

The modernised mill of Stora Enso in Varkaus is in brand new shape and ready to give an increasingly efficient response to the changing global demand for forest industry products. Late last year, with help of a diverse network of partners, the mill’s fine paper producing paper machine PM3 was converted into a machine that produces packaging board.

Evolve or disappear

Evolve or disappear

In the economic evolution driven by creative destruction, market dynamics destroys the slow and spares the fast.