The forest sector stands up for itself in terms of EU funding

The forest and bioeconomy industry’s research and development activities requires cooperation across organisations and financial resources. Securing EU funding requires a presence at the right tables.

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The well-being of forests guarantees a bright future

In March, the Finnish forest industry published renewed responsibility commitments, valid until 2025. The objective is to promote forest management, sustainable production and the circular economy, as well as social well-being.

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New things only come about by experimenting new things

For a company to grow, what is needed is a will and capability to renew, and motivated and multi-skilled teams.

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Processed cellulose as a spearhead of the bioeconomy

Finland is strong in tomorrow’s pulp products, such as textiles and packages that replace plastic.

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World Cup

Plastic waste is world-class problem, but plastic-free packaging board products may be part of the solution.

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Strong economy keeps options open

Systematic efforts for strengthening the balance sheet pay off when UPM is considering the largest investments in its history.

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Specialising in lignin

Lignin, with its diverse applications, has become one of the most important products of Sunila’s traditional pulp mill.




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